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Welcome to the internet home of Baker Family Show Cattle. Ours is a family owned and operated diversified farm located in the Wiregrass region of South Alabama. After our son Brad finished a long and successful show career, we’ve now entered into the business of breeding and raising show calves so that other families can benefit from the same togetherness we enjoyed as a by-product of being involved in competitively showing cattle.

Our track record of success in the show ring was due in large part to the partnerships we formed along the way. In much the same way, our development as a source of quality club calves will also rely on maintaining strong relationships with our customers and marketing partners. Our first step in this direction involved a major acquisition of Maine-Anjou breeding stock from Walter Cattle Company in Elk City, OK. These females will allow us to grow the number of high quality calves we can market each year while using the industry’s hottest and most proven AI sires.